I was referred to Bruce by a friend and I can't thank her enough. I had been struggling with a cramp and constant pain for 6 weeks after a traumatic experience diving. The massage and chiropractic techniques I tried were only temporary so I needed help desperately. Sure enough I left my appointment with Bruce with the pressure released and haven't had any pain since. Before he began treating my ailments, Bruce took the time to thoroughly evaluate as many factors of my lifestyle to provide the best treatments.I follow his advice on diet and other well-being directions so I can take better care of myself long-term. I feel like Bruce truly cares about helping me get better. ---M.K., Denver,CO

In late 2006, I began having more pain than ususal in my right hip, femur and knee. I don't like to go to the doctor so I put it off until April. By that time I was walking with a cane and barely able to move. The doctor diagnosed it as bursitis and had me make an appt. for an MRI. The results were as he had said, bursitis. I asked what he thought about acupuncture treatments. He said it might be a good idea.

The neighborhood paper, The Front Porch, arrived the next week and as I was reading it, I happened to notice an acupuncturist in the area. I called, made an appointment. After about 16 treatments, my only pain is when I first get up out of a chair. I take a few steps -- and normalcy!! I am back to walking 2 miles a day, doing everything I used to do and completely forget about having pain. It is truly a miracle. I am now down to maintenance of once/month. I can't thank Bruce enough and have recommended him to several friends. ---D.H., Denver, CO

Having reached my 50's, I was in the throes of menopause. The hot flashes and mood swings were unbearable and made it really hard for me to sleep and function the next day at work. I did not want to use HRT and tried some phyto-estrogen supplements from the vitamin store, but they did not totally stop the symptoms. I decided to try acupuncture as I had read that this approach can really help. So I went to see Bruce at New Day Acupuncture and he was able to provide me with quick relief. Once my system was re-balanced, I felt like myself again. I am very grateful for his intervention and helping me to get on track again. ---A.S., Denver, CO

I have been an avid tennis player and weight lifter for most of my life,but a few years ago my athletic career nearly came to an end. Afterexperiencing severe tendonitis, I was barely able to lift my coffee cup,let alone a racquet or dumbbell. I sought treatment by a physical therapist, but six months later i was still in pain. Frustrated anddiscouraged, I was ready to give up. I decided to give acupuncture one lasttry and thank goodness I did. In four pain free, soothing sessions Bruce relieved my pain and a year later, my tendonitis has never returned. His caring and sensitive approach to treating his patients played a major role in my quick recovery. Now, I am the strongest I have ever been and a better tennis player than ever! ---LW, Centennial, CO

Many years ago (1970) I suffered a severe lower back injury (traumatic spinal compression) resulting from a fall while free climbing. Starting in about 1981 and then over the ensuing years, my back would “give out” on infrequent but unexpected occasions, causing extreme incapacitating pain which forced me to recover on a time frame lasting typically from 48 to 72 hours. This recovery scenario was always the same.

In addition to my lower back problem and over the course of the past ten years or more, I have been subject to chronic and acute arthritic pain in my fingers and thumbs. For a few years my right index finger and pinkie would painfully lock up in the large joints. Approximately two and a half years ago while having a major lower back “attack”, Bruce gave me a treatment. The results were remarkable. Not only did my back recover within 12 hours, but the problems with my index finger and pinkie ceased altogether and have never bothered me again, not once.

More recently, I have experienced varying degrees of stiffness in my fingers and both chronic and severe acute pain in my thumbs. The pain could be incapacitating at times and it limited my ability to play guitar which bothered me tremendously. Bruce is currently treating me for these conditions.

Within 5 minutes of my first treatment, about 50 percent of the pain was gone from my thumbs. Within 15 minutes at least 75 percent of the pain had vanished. After a half hour or so I was relieved of more than 90 percent of the discomfort I had been subject to and was able to move my fingers and hands with barely any stiffness and in ways I could not have an hour earlier.

After several follow-up treatments I can honestly say that the majority of the pain and stiffness has subsided to the point where I have complete use of my fingers and thumbs once again and have been able to pick up my guitar and play without experiencing the debilitating pain. ---TW, Denver, CO

Bruce does amazing work. He has helped me with pain issues for which I previously could not get relief. I am amazed at how acupuncture has worked for me! ---AW, Denver, CO

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