Pain Relief Studies

New Studies Show Acupuncture Provides Relief from Pain

Pain relief studies show that people suffering from acute and chronic pain are getting significant relief. Three recent research studies on the relationship between pain relief and acupuncture in the last 10 years have shown promising results.

In one study, conducted in Germany, 52 athletes with severe shoulder pain were divided into two groups - a control group and an acupuncture group. The acupuncture group received acupuncture while the control group was given a "placebo" treatment in which the skin was not penetrated. Each participant rated their level of pain at the beginning of the study and both groups received eight treatments over a one month period. The results indicated that 68% of the athletes reported a positive outcome after the final treatment and those in the acupuncture group reported a 19 point change in their pain levels compared with only an 8.37 change by the control group. This is a significant reduction in pain.

Another study, conducted in 1999 in New Jersey demonstrated that after receiving acupuncture in the Hegu point, (on the hand in the area between the thumb and forefinger), participants reported greater tolerance of pain. Even more exciting was that brain scans (MRIs) conducted before and after treatments revealed dramatic decreases in brain activity in the areas that regulate pain. This study is convincing that actual changes are taking place as a result of acupuncture and not just subjective reports by patients.

The July 2013 publication of Acupuncture Today published an article about new research conducted by Korean doctors of Oriental Medicine suggested that an acupuncture method could reduce acute lower back pain faster and more effectively than conventional drug injections. It is the first study of Oriental Medicine for pain relief that has received international recognition through the PAIN journal.

Results indicated that pain was reduced significantly more among patients who received a nontraditional acupuncture treatment called motion style acupuncture (MSAT) compared with another group who had an injection of diclofenac sodium, a drug widely used for immediate pain relief.

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