Understanding the Basics of Acupuncture

You too can be one of the millions of people who are using acupuncture to improve your health.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical practices in the world and is over 2500 hundred years old. By understanding the basics of acupuncture, you will learn why this age old medicine is receiving more and more acceptance in the US. Although many people think that acupuncture is a "New Age" remedy, it clearly is not! One of the largest and most comprehensive surveys of alternative health practices was conducted in 2002 and found that approximately 8.2 million US adults have tried acupuncture and the numbers are growing annually.

The basics of acupuncture, how it works...

The practice of acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles into the skin stimulating specific acupuncture points. They are of a much finer gauge than injection needles and are rarely painful. Usually a patient will experience a tingling feeling or mild electrical sensation when the point is accessed.

The Chinese believe that there is a strong connection between the mind, body and spirit and this philosophy is reflected in the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Central to Chinese thought is the concept of Yin and Yang, the notion that everything in the universe is comprised of itself and its opposite. In nature we have the sun and the moon, winter and summer, electrons and protons. One cannot exist without the other and all of these relationships are vital for the natural flow of life.

In Chinese thought, the foundation for life is the connection between the Qi and the Blood. Qi is the essential breath (the air that we breathe) and it mixes with the blood in the lungs. Qi is Yang energy and it moves Blood, which is Yin energy, through the system and carries life-giving nutrients to the cells in the body. When Yin and Yang are in balance, we are healthy. Diseases develop when Yin and Yang become out of balance and the Qi and Blood cannot flow properly (become stagnant).

Acupuncture works on the neurovascular systems, pertaining to the nerves and blood vessels. Blood nurtures the nerves and tissues by giving them the nutrition necessary to function properly. The flow of Qi and Blood are restored by the acupuncturist through the stimulation of selected acupuncture points which are located along meridians that correspond to the major organs in the body. This allows the tissues of the body to heal and restore balance to the system. The location of the acupuncture points used is based on a carefully made diagnosis.

Learn more about the diagnosis process from a Chinese medicine perspective.

In addition to the actual insertion of needles, acupuncture encompasses complementary practices that support the body's ability to heal itself. These include cupping, moxibustion and herbal formulas.

The Health Benefits of Acupuncture

By restoring a healthy balance of Qi and Blood flow to the body, you experience pain relief, improved immune and organ functioning, and the healing of tissues. With improved functioning, the body is once again able to regulate itself and respond adaptively to internal changes as well as those in the environment. This fosters the body's ability to heal itself and remain healthy over time.

There are several different styles of acupuncture which are effective in restoring health and balance to the system. Learn more about what styles of acupuncture are available to you through New Day Acupuncture.

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